Yes, Your Landlord Is an Actual Human Being and Not the Terminator

It’s sad that everyone thinks of a landlord as that cybernetic killer, preying on the innocent and taking your money. Your landlord is not the Terminator, people. Arnold Schwarzenegger would retch at the thought. In truth, your landlord’s probably one of the most harmless mammals known to man, and if you really get to know your landlord well, that mammal might actually be adorable! (Not really)

The Unfortunate Stigma of Your Landlord

This does contribute to the negative connotation simply because we don’t like to address concerns with landlords. Your landlord just might evict you — shudder at the thought! Bear this in mind, please: if it real estate terminatorwasn’t for you, the tenant, your landlord wouldn’t have a shred of revenue come in! Your landlord needs you.

Additionally, by law, your landlord has a responsibility to you — to the well-being of the dwelling as far as maintenance and safety are concerned — which means his or her first priority is to ensure that all your needs are met. Rental tips for the up-and-coming home renter never saw this coming as positive as it is: you can talk to your landlord about your problems, and he or she will address them immediately.

Just be upfront and honest. If you’re having trouble paying this month’s rent, bring it up immediately. Don’t hide. Don’t give your landlord a reason to start banging on your door.

If you’re getting really sick of hearing that faucet drip, be honest: let your landlord know. It’s his/her job to get it fixed. By law, it’s a requirement.

Communication Is the Key to Success as a First-Time Renter

I’d venture to say that your landlord probably appreciates it. Honesty, openness, laid-back. The reverse is the same for landlords far and wide. They won’t normal tenants on their books, people. Not crazy people. So when they’re facing the decision of signing a rental agreement for a rent-to-own home with the H.O.P.E. Program and a particular tenant, it’s clear that the decision has to be a sound one.

You ensure your landlord’s confidence in the best way — by always being a tremendous communicator. Even during Judgment Day.


5 thoughts on “Yes, Your Landlord Is an Actual Human Being and Not the Terminator

  1. When we first bought our house and borefe we had kids, we rented out one of our rooms. It was just like being in college again and all sharing a house. It was me, my future husband and a good friend of ours though. I’d have a hard time renting to a perfect stranger when there are no separate living spaces though. I’d be worried about my stuff getting stolen, etc. I did it and it works well if you can find someone you know and trust. Networking with friends/coworkers/family is the best way to find someone reliable.

  2. Hi Judy, We have been renting from a mgeaanment company privately owned town home. We have been here for 4 months. When we first moved in we put on our move in list that fireplace and dryer were not working. They sent someone out and then charged us to fix them $60 each. From the begining the refrigerator was having issues either freezing or was full of water, but now has stopped working all together. We have had lots of rain in the last 2 weeks and have a huge leak in the roof. We have sent emails and made phone calls and no answer from mgeaanment company and it has been over 2 weeks now. What are our rights and what do we have to pay for and why. There is a clause that we have to pay for repairs. But we are confused how you can charge us for repairs of things that were broken when we moved in. Shouldn’t everything be in working order? And are we going to have to pay for any of these other repairs? And how long do we have to wait for a refrigerator??? Any help would be great!Thank you

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