Would You Rather…Have A Slow Freeze Or A Quick Burn?

Even In A Vacuum Where Nothing Else Happens…

Moving Day is an overwhelming, joyous, tumultuous, exciting day of exercise – a grueling bodily day.

House hunting is a game of diligence, people skills, phone tag, showing up, letting go, knowing what you want – a grueling heady process.

House selling is like a predator building the perfect trap to attract the right prey. Throw your feelings aside, and look your best!

Life Is Messier Than Vacuums…

There are a million factors that have nothing to do with the systematic process of getting a mortgage or the supply and demand…There’s the weather.

A seller can get more money for the same house, unchanged, in spring than they can in winter. This is because more people see moving as formidable idea in the spring and increase demand with supply unchanged increases the price.Emoji_hot_and_cold.svg

A buyer can get to multiple showings on time with greater ease, can move with the ease of a spring cleaning habit in their back pocket. Going with the flow of traffic has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages.

In this case increased desire to move in the summer, means house hunting in the spring – means these cabin fever, sun-deprived adults are run-ragged with decision making and feel the tension of their deadlines. It’s not unheard of for people to put offer in house unseen! People move hastily in these spring months. Buying or selling a house in the spring/summer is a quick burn.

Buying or selling a house in the winter is a different story – slow. There’s a chill pace to the process, because far less people are looking.

Just like some people go to 24-hour convenience stores at night to avoid the traffic, foregoing normal resting hours…some people prefer to look and buy or sell in winter to avoid the rush-stress.

Which type of buyer / seller are you?

There is information available and help you may find invaluable in getting you into a new home, regardless of sun, rain or snow. If you feel like all the cards are stacked against you – not just your weather preference… click here.

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