Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising Contributes to #CreditCounseling Credentials A #creditcounselor  b…

Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising Contributes to #CreditCounseling Credentials

A #creditcounselor  better have some word out on the street that they have the past clientele praising good work, or you might as well be dealing with a hack or someone who's just flat inexperienced. Sorry to say, but the person may not be a scammer, but will have to really dig down dirty to build the clientele list and at least get ONE good review out of word-of-mouth advertising, which is why a consumer should always ask for references.

Just one reference can be the deal maker when it comes to working with a credit counselor. You just want that one seal of approval that says another client in the past declared that the credit counselor can actually do a good job!

8 Real Questions to Ask Your Prospective Credit Counselor

Not every credit counselor out there is the same. In FACT, you might be wrong on what a credit counselor is! Here’s what you need to know.

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