Why the #RTO  Is Right for the #Millennial  in This #RealEstate  Industry Flex options in home…

Why the #RTO  Is Right for the #Millennial  in This #RealEstate  Industry

Flex options in home ownership, such as rent-to-own, may very well be the inside hook for boosting the market. Why? Case in point: the average work tenure for a Millennial is about two years, and here's the most important fact you need to know: that timeline is DECREASING.

That means you want flexible rent-to-own options available for the Millennial who's not only interested in home buying, but potentially renting if necessary to improve credit scores and allow for some room to grow.

Remember: Millennials aren't as 'stable' as many home buyers are used to be. Let's focus on the rent-to-own. Because that may save this market looking very seriously on the Millennial as the new home buyer of the next decade.

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