The Crazy Thing About the #USDA #Home #Mortgage Loan Is That It’s a Much More Viable Option Than Y…

The Crazy Thing About the #USDA #Home #Mortgage Loan Is That It's a Much More Viable Option Than You Think

Sure, we keep hearing the great stuff about this supposed "hidden secret" of the real estate market called the USDA home mortgage — and it is a great secret, by the way. But the reason why it's such a great secret is that you have to have the EXACT requirements to qualify for one. Once you qualify, the benefits are staggering, though.

However, it may be a lot easier than you think to get qualified for a USDA home mortgage. In general, the strictest requirement for the plan is the fact that it only applies to rural areas. Think farms. Hills. Backwoods. Grassy knolls even. And you might think one area's definitely rural, but the USDA has to designate it as such first.

Here's the funny thing about the USDA home mortgage, though — even established suburbs all over the U.S. may be eligible, and the reason why is actually quite funny.

For the past 15 years, the USDA hasn't even updated their eligibility maps. What used to be backwoods might be established communities and neighborhoods, but quite frankly, the USDA wouldn't know any better unless they walked up and down those sidewalks themselves.

This gives you an edge. Getting that quality home might be a game-changer for you simply because the USDA is having such a hard time updating their maps. They tried back in 2013 and failed. They then tried in 2014. Still failed. Even in October of 2015, they tried and yet failed again, pushing the project into 2016 and perhaps indefinitely. There's no telling when they'll update their U.S. maps, which gives you an untapped resource for home ownership with zero down and low rates.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about the USDA home mortgage. Get qualified. Check out the link below and sign up with the HOPE Program right now.

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