The Credit Score Mystery Explained, Secrets Included

Credit Scores have everything do to with U.S. real estate –  to your lender.

Time to be a proactive reader…

Credit Score is usually referring a number between 300 and 850, A.K.A. a FICO score.

How responsible are you? Oh so super responsible you say? Let’s go ahead and get a second opinion…Let’s just pull a credit score…Not at all? 300. The maximum? 800.

Click Here For A Really Great Infographic To Explain The Mysteriousness- Credit Score Basics

The FICO breaks down into different types.classic or generic, bankcard, personal finance, mortgage, installment loan, auto loan, and NextGen score

  • classic
  • generic
  • bankcard
  • personal finance
  • mortgage
  • installment loan
  • auto loan
  • NextGen

When someone says, “I’m going to pull your credit score…” They choose one of those types. That credit check will file under “pursuit of new credit” which determines 10% of your score.

Credit Score Mystery Revealed…For Better FICO Scores: Reduce Debt, Leave Lines of Credit Open and Make Payments On Time

Need to boost your credit? Adding a few affordable monthly bills can bulk up your positive repayment history which determines 35% of your credit score.

Paying for services that AUTOMATICALLY come out of your account can be an easy, mindless way to boost your credit so you can land the big goals: car. house.

“Opening new accounts responsibly and paying them off on time will raise your credit score in the long term.” says myFICO.

Interested in building your credit score? Include some things you pay for on your account. Click below for the hook up.

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One Way To Create Credit Is To Open A Credit Card, Spend and Pay…Or Get An Installment Loan

An installment loan is one you pay back over time, in installments. Easy one. A mortgage in the United States is a type of installment loan, but if you weren’t approved for the mortgage package you want, opening a smaller personal loan is a way to build the credit to get one, someday in the near future. Click here for a really great loan offer with Zippy Loans.

70% Of Credit Reports Have Errors

Credit Scores are not fail-proof entities. They are more like the Titanic. They are thought of and treated an “unsinkable”/undoubted…but mistakes happen. Sometimes you credit score will take a big hit and it was from someone with a similar name or account number. Humans still handle some of this information and human error is part of human nature.

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You Need A 700+ To Secure A Good Interest Rate

A Basic Confusion:

Credit Cards and Charge Cards or House of Cards…What’s the difference? Read more here…

Myth:credit score mystery

Having a balance on a credit card is what builds credit. No, actually the empty line of credit is better. 70% unused at least is recommended.

Keeping open every credit card you ever have seems bad…but it isn’t. Having credit cards for a long period of time increases the length of your credit history which determines 15% of your score. READ MORE HERE AND SIGN UP FOR ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR NAME, EMAIL AND U.S. PHONE NUMBER.


Thanks for proactively reading. Now proactively do something about your credit history with these tips and tricks so that you can have all your dreams…

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