Who Knew That Changing Diapers Could Easily Mean Advancing Your U.S. Education?

It’s true. All thanks to the Pell Grant. Here’s why:

Knowing the Requirements of the Pell Grant


There are actually four requirements when qualifying for the Pell Grant solely on your own income merits, and this is one of them. Kids. That’s right: you have to have your own children! And then instantly you qualify for up to $5,815 in funds to advance your education in the United States.

Not many know that, because they think those grants come and go the moment you get out of high school and enroll in college for the first time here in America. Not so. Life can take precedence, you have a few kids, you’re working a tough 9 to 5 just to make the bills, and you STILL didn’t have any time to get that degree finished up.

Perhaps it’s wondering if you’ll have the additional funds to pay for tuition, room and board (well, perhaps not board, if you have kids). With the Pell Grant, you no longer have to worry. Simply click here, get matched to a school offering the Pell Grant, check your income, and see how much you’ll receive!

It’s That Simple. So What Are You Waiting For?

This is your own children we’re talking about…. Advance your U.S. education, make a better life. For you. For them. For the future. Sign up today and enter in your U.S. phone number. You have nothing to lose.

Top 9 Luxury Home Markets in the U.S. Today (and Growing)

Whether you’re home selling, home buying, or home investing, one thing’s for sure: there’s now big money in the luxury home market. By luxury real estate, of course, we’re talking about the $1MM-valued to $10MM-valued homes in the country. Traditionally, of course, these homes often don’t sell well if the market doesn’t call for the influx; however, here’s the thing: we’re seeing growth in this area!

Just How Much Growth Is There for the Luxury Home Market?

Just to break down some numbers for you, Atlanta’s a hot item in the luxury home market with a 70% increase in sales year over year — the biggest jump in the entire U.S. What does that tell you if you’re an luxury home marketinvestor or home seller? Look to Atlanta. The properties there may net a massive number. Seattle’s another city hitting the mark with the luxury home market, climbing 21% year over year, and we can’t forget Los Angeles. LA’s always been a major luxury home market, but even that Tinseltown’s skyrocketing higher than Superman himself.

Wouldn’t you like to know specifically which states are climbing in the luxury home market and where there numbers currently clock in at in terms of home sales? Check these out:

Now this should honestly tell you something….

While the Luxury Home Market May Always Be a Slim Sell, the Economy’s Apparently Looking Good!

Sure, lower home prices selling more is a great thing. But when the luxury home market starts climbing? Now’s the time to sell! Sign up for resources in home selling right now. Perhaps you’re into real estate investing? Now’s the time. And if you’re going to buy, get competitive.