Do We See a Lot of Retirees at the Kentucky Derby? Oh, Yes!

Retirement towns promote party-time when you think about it. Retirement’s all about celebration. You’ve lived life and worked hard, and now it’s time to tear it up on the dance floor, per se — or at least in this case, the Kentucky Derby.

Why the Kentucky Derby? Louisville, Kentucky, Is Where All Retirees Seem to Want to Golouisville kentucky retirement

And for good reason.

Aside from the fact that there’s no state social security tax and a partial pension tax — a great benefit to retirees — attraction and entertainment is the name of the game for this good ol’ town filled with great homes to buy and settle down in.

For starters, there’s a staggering 18 parks available in Louisville, making for ample options for retirees in strolling during a nice warm summer afternoon or evening. All parks were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same designer of New York’s Central Park.

You just might be in line for a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum if you happen to be a lover of baseball in your own retirement pastime with the American pastime of peanuts, cracker jacks, gloves and Big League Chew. Here’s where the real entertainment crosses the finish line — with the Kentucky Derby. Yes, Louisville is home to the iconic race of old at Churchill Downs racetrack, and you better believe that many call it a thrilling day there in fellowship watching the horses pound the dirt.

Retirement Should Indeed Be Fun

What couldn’t be more fun than that? That’s why the town’s such a big draw for retirees. Keep that in mind. Because there’s only so much you can do stuck in the house as you’re relaxing watching the Kentucky Derby on the television. Try getting to see it in real-time, in person, with your friends. That’s the best kind of retirement — living the life in Louisville.

Looking for a Retirement Town? Try Bangor, Maine

Getting away from a life lived in hectic disarray with kids, jobs, 401Ks and home improvements to advance the return on investment ultimately seems like the true goal of retirement, so it’s no wonder that many would look at certain cities out there catering to that demographic. What would make for the best retirement town, though, for just a place anyone can settle down in and breathe the fresh air? Think east coast. Think way up there where time slows down to a crawl. Yes, it’s a small town (and some might think that’s tried and trite), but this particular city’s so much more.

Bangor, Maine: A Unique Retirement TownBangor retirement town

The quiet’s all good for a retirement town. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it can drive a person stir crazy, though, hence why fellowship and good times often will retirement that much sweeter. Bangor, Maine, brings that mentality to a retirement town in great fashion, and not just because the home prices and mortgage payment medians are so low.

You’re surrounded by nature here in Bangor, Maine. If you enjoy the cold, hot chocolate and sweaters out in a log cabin, Bangor could be the ticket of a spectacular retirement town. There’s something better to enjoy, though, when it comes to this retirement town:

Try music. Music everywhere. Bangor’s actually known for their annual 3-day American Folk Festival. The best part? It’s free. This is the true benefit for retirees looking for a spot-on retirement home all because of the fixed-incomes. You can live and enjoy life without having to shell out a lot of money.

While state taxes on pensions do exist, you’ll benefit from the lack thereof regarding social security, so this might be a pretty decent go for you. Just one thing….

You Might Want to Get Used to the Snow

Maybe you like hockey, sledding and skiing? If so, more power to you. When looking for a retirement town, if you’re in the real estate market for those sorts of things, head to Bangor, Maine. And enjoy that hot chocolate while you’re at it.