3 Reasons Why You Need a Rent-to-Own Consultant in the United States

This is innovation at its best, and we all know that the American real estate market needs exactly that, especially when it involves the rent-to-own inventory out there. They’re like diamonds: hard to find, and tricky to hold onto (especially when robbers chase you for them!). Moreover, U.S. rent-to-own homes largely benefit the homeowner/landlord for the most part; but if you play the cards right, you can actually work the payments as well as your official money down for the mortgage to your benefit.

How? Oh, sure — pay an arm and a leg for a realtor to advise you, or shell out a retainer for the quality attorney to represent you in such a contract agreement. That works. Thankfully, there’s an alternative:

Rent-to-Own Consultant Can Do the Job at a Low Cost

rent to own consultants screenshot rent-to-own consultantThey’re the “Rent-to-Own Consultants,” a service unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen. In line with such great United States resources like Assisting Renters and the Ultimate Rent-to-Own Home Program, the Rent-to-Own Consultants deliver in a unique way:

And That’s Not Even the Best Part….

This entire process can go for as long as five years, but here’s the beauty about having a rent-to-own consultant on your side in the United States real estate market…. This particular service will only cost you just under $50!

A one-time fee. All of that time and effort. That rent-to-own consultant will do all of the sweat equity for you — finding the home, talking to the landlord, working with you on your credit, and ensuring you successfully sign on the dotted line for home ownership.

I’ll say this: if we could actually give ratings, this one would be a straight “5,” just like how Rent-to-Own Reviews did! SIGN UP FOR YOUR OWN CONSULTANT RIGHT NOW WITH YOUR NAME, EMAIL, AND U.S. PHONE NUMBER.

Check them out at RTO Reviews for more info about what they can do for you right now.

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    • Hello, Sonya,

      Thanks for the inquiry, and I wouldn’t worry too much about pay stubs and tax returns, so why don’t you fill out your information via this link, and a specialist will contact you as soon as possible regarding your options for rent-to-own.

    • Hello, Leana,

      Thank you for your inquiry, and please call about RTO homes: 888-920-4893. If you haven’t already filled out your information via the link, please do so.

    • Hola, Brigida,

      Gracias por su consulta, y por favor llame sobre viviendas RTO: 888-920-4893. Si aún no lo ha llenado su información a través del enlace, por favor hágalo.

  1. Just want a small place to live out my days…no money down…. Small payments…. A place my grandkids can come be with me…and spend nites…play…remember and want to come visit… H E B area… On ss…credit not bad…don’t mind paying thec50 but it will have to be on the last wed of the month…Thank u

  2. We are wanting a 3 bedroom house 2 bathrooms and also enough room for dogs that we have also something out in the country in
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma if that is possible… We are renting right now and we are just wanting to have something that we can rent to own it and say once it’s payed off we can say it’s our place…. Anyways thank you…

  3. We are a small family looking for a house to call our own. We have been paying $700.00 a month for the last 15 years. It’s time to put our money in the right place. We both are on disability. We really want to rent to own, not only for us but for our 11 year old also. Plus we are raising our 4 year old grandson.

  4. I am a single mom of four. Work full time. I am trying to find a home I can afford that’s big enough for us all. I’m tired of living with family and friends. I’m ready for a place my kids can call home. I don’t have good credit at all and that is a problem for me. But I also can’t afford to pay to fix it right now. Can you help me??

  5. I am going through divorce at the moment and will be relocating to the surrounding area of zip code 08854 by March. Bankruptcy due to divorce and won’t have a job right away but with a very good co-signer and collateral to deal with mean while. What can I do?

  6. Need help but tired of clicking links that lead to more links that get u no where, and signing up for tons of credit checking sites, or listing sites but not getting any help to get into a place, can they call me? I never get thru to anyone or hear anything but more advertising for more sites…

    • Hello, Jessica,

      Thank you for your inquiry, and we do have a direct line where you can speak to someone: 888-920-4893. Let us know if this line gets you access to a live agent.

  7. I would like to know what credentials that the RTO consultants have that make you qualified to negotiate terms with the homeowners as $50 sounds really inexpensive for someone who can negotiate contracts.

  8. I am concerned that this is too good to be true. I would like some insurance that this company will not take my money and don’t provide the information I need to find a home to rent. How do I know that you have a home in the NY area? How soon can I move in to the home? I’m in need to move in two weeks. Can I receive a guarantee that I will receive information that will help me succeed in my search for the perfect home for my family?

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