Why Bankruptcy Filings Require Credit Counseling Approval

This is honestly why credit counseling and credit repair are so important to us. It’s considered the first step to remedy disaster — and the disaster can come in many forms…. Identity theft, lack of bookkeeping resources, lack of legal assistance even! The…

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#Tax Penalties: Something We at #ITPN  Like to Avoid Just so you know, we understand: you might …

#Tax Penalties: Something We at #ITPN  Like to Avoid

Just so you know, we understand: you might think there won't be any tax refund in your immediate future despite having some income your way (maybe you're self-employed with no deductions or credits?). So you're hesitant to even file for a tax return for that exact reason. You may even rightfully think you won't be able to pay that tax bill!

We urge you to consider this: the tax penalties for not filing are much worse. Here's why: let's say you end up with a balance that you have to pay. Know that the IRS will work with you if you work with US. Penalties, though? Once you're hit, you're hit. And there's no getting out of it.

Always file your tax return. Because when you do, you've locked our services in for good, making sure your taxes are paid up through collaboration, installments, payments, communication (if they need to be). So sign up today with the Income Tax Planning Network!

10 Tax Return Tips to Accomplish With the Network

Actually, there should be 11 tax return tips here. But the first one is important. The first tip is to click on this article and READ.

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Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising Contributes to #CreditCounseling Credentials A #creditcounselor  b…

Why Word-of-Mouth Advertising Contributes to #CreditCounseling Credentials

A #creditcounselor  better have some word out on the street that they have the past clientele praising good work, or you might as well be dealing with a hack or someone who's just flat inexperienced. Sorry to say, but the person may not be a scammer, but will have to really dig down dirty to build the clientele list and at least get ONE good review out of word-of-mouth advertising, which is why a consumer should always ask for references.

Just one reference can be the deal maker when it comes to working with a credit counselor. You just want that one seal of approval that says another client in the past declared that the credit counselor can actually do a good job!

8 Real Questions to Ask Your Prospective Credit Counselor

Not every credit counselor out there is the same. In FACT, you might be wrong on what a credit counselor is! Here’s what you need to know.

Millennials: the Next Rage in Home Buying. What Kind of Homes, Though?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: millennials in our real estate demographic for home buying have already been putting their stamp in the market share, which is a good thing for the industry. We’re not going to see a real estate explosion quite yet, though, given the record low numbers of mortgage applications among millennials (and a consistent high growth for home renting) due to lack of job growth, student loan debt, and a later timeline for marriage and new families.

But It’s Coming. Some Say the Millennial Generation’s Already Here for Real Estate Home Buying

What you need to know, though, is what exactly they’ll be looking for in terms of a home…. Keep that in mind. Because of the inventory of available houses aren’t there; those millennials aching for a home to buy, well, won’t buy – which is bad for real estate business.


Here’s what millennials will want in a home (and you certainly won’t need any Gray’s Sports Almanac to figure this one out):

This is getting heavy, Doc….

We’ve Got You, However, on This Real Estate Market

Preparation. That’s what it’s all about. Whether it’s home staging or a real estate agent who can access all the available homes, RTO or not, with all the correct features millennials are going to want. Because when they buy, people sell. Home improvements, renovations, maybe even new construction – the new millennial generation may drive this focus in.

So let’s align with it. And make the real estate market ready for the future (and flying DeLoreans). Sign up for more information with the HOPE Program today!

Having Some Faith in the Home Renting Market for 2016

Rentals may be the way to go in today’s market! The housing market’s declining, it seems, and apartment expansion and home rentals are skyrocketing through the roof! Such is the state of the real estate investment market for 2016.

Baby Boomers Galore! 

The baby boomers are getting older, and the majority of them are currently downsizing due to the immediate financial and physical accommodations of home renting. With many of them already enjoying retirement, having a mortgage over their head and a home with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms really isn’t necessary for them anymore. An uptown waterfront condo with a maid and someone to cut the grass is more the style of comfort that is appealing to these thriving baby boomers.

Millennials Amuck!

The young adults that should be buying homes are just not capable enough, apparently, what with the poor employment market and looming student debt climbing to ungodly heights. Millennials are more comfortable renting than adding more debt to their already strained financial situations. Renting is really the most accommodating route for young people in today’s world. Plus with most millennials still not married and without children, there is no reason for them to have a cap code on a cul-de-sac when they can enjoy a trendy loft by the local pub.

Sounds Convincing, Right?

You do, however, have to understand one thing about the real estate market, whether it’s about home selling, home buying, or home investing. It’s a fickle beast. And the appetite can change in a blink. So the important thing to remember is this — keep your eyes opened.