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The Tip On How To Build Your Edge In A Relationship Market Is To Know Your Neighbor

Freudian Slip! Haha, In The Real Estate Market Know Your Neighbor, but absolutely a good point. The real estate market is about relationship. Buyer and Seller and Renters and Owners.

The Complete Real Estate Site Is News Useful To Everyone Involved

If the real estate head honchos are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, hedge-y, real estate animal…you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for oppressive language):real estate

“Good Job You Head Honchos, Invest That!”

“Being A Real Estate Mogul Is Hot Right Now”

Or “Giddy Up Over Here Cattle Like Renters”

And “Here’s Your Easy Tips To Colonize The Planet As Though You Are An Alien”

If the real estate inhabitants are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, edgy piece of the pie, then you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for nice-nice):

“Decorate Your Walls To Look Nice”

“Budget Well”

“Rent-To-Own Homes For Everyone!”

Know your neighbor…Know Your Landlord, Know Your Bank? Know Your Elephant?

The elephant thing here is critical.

real estateThe Parable of The Blind Men And The Elephant Paraphrased

There were, for some odd or horribly tragic reason, there are three blind men walking through the jungle – which means a place with plant life and animals that no one owns….

And of course, the three blind men walk right up to an elephant, and try to take it (in?) with their hands…”Oh my goodness this animal is like a wall. It’s so big and tall. This animal is wall-like.””

And the next man who is blind, who was very PC, demonstrates BOTH/AND thinking so well and says,  “There is this rope thing on the wall-like…and there seems to be tear…” No actually, PC man who was blind says, “There’s no wall-like! It’s just a ROPE! And it flicks. It’s a twitchy-lil-thing! Not wall-like.”

And the third blind man says, “You silly heads, no, we are in a grove of trees and there is no animal.” 


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“Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness…”

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8 Zen, Simple Steps To Raise Your Credit Score

Have You Heard of the 8 Fold Path?


credit score

The word Zen has a lot to do with it! Zen is actually a school of thought…a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. You could benefit from meditation and valuing your intuitions when it comes to all the paperwork tasks…and the perseverance it requires.

Let’s connect the eastern Buddhist foundation with the foundational habits of a person with excellent credit, shall we?

This means right:

  • understanding
  • thought
  • speech
  • conduct
  • means to make a living
  • right mental attitude or effort
  • mindfulness
  • concentration

Here are 8 methods to walk the path that will lead to enlightened… credit? Lighter credit worries? Less Debt. Better Credit. Right credit? Right, credit.

Chanel some of those right settings into absorbing these next steps – use your understanding to think about how to conduct your self and speech in a way to make an ethical living, be hopeful about improving your credit, be patient in the steps you’ll take to do that…and concentrate.

  1. Watch those credit card balances.
    1. Transfer them to 0% interest cards – whenever possible. Then hit tip #5 really hard, but obeying tip #4.
    2. Use them – and pay them – like a charge card.
  2. Eliminate credit card balances.
    1. Pay them off.
    2. Reward yourself when you pay each bill with something not monetarily based.
      1. Rub your own feet with coconut oil
      2. Take a bath
      3. Do something productive without rushing
      4. Or disobey – buy sweets, eat sweets.
  3. Leave old debt on your report.
    1. That’s hopeful
      1. The past debt you have paid off is an excellent fact on a credit report! It makes you look more responsible…more so than someone who has never had debt..because you’ve proven you can pay it off.
  4. Use your calendar.
    1. At least use automatic payments.
    2. Or rather…use your calendar for everything
      1. Meal planning
      2. Play dates with friends
      3. Bills (Write the reward, though, for positive conditioning maximization)
      4. Birthdays
      5. Goals
      6. Moods
  5. Pay bills on time.
    1. Use your calendar
    2. Auto-mate your payments
  6. Don’t hint at risk.
    1. When speaking about your credit, past debt, payment history and especially, yourself…to stranger or mortgage lenders or credit specialists on the phone: speak with HOPE. 
      1. Speak with H.O.P.E. program (888) 920-4893.
        1. Or fill out this form and a representative will help you. 
  7. Don’t obsess.
    1. The goal here is to make your credit a non-issue…so you have access to the things we want ahead of when we can actually pay for them…because we need a car, a home, a phone before we can successfully have a job to pay for those things. To get a job we need education, internships, 13 years of some kind of schooling every year until graduation, and have you ever fed your moose a cookie? And he wanted a glass of milk?
    2. Use your GED, get a job, make money, pay bills, have fun.
  8. Sub Prime Credit Store Is Where To Hook Yourself Up – Get Things Automated, Paid Off, and Let Your Credit Worthiness Show In Your Score. 

What Is Sub Prime Credit Store And… How Can It Help A Credit Score?

$30/month is like paying for a coupon book…and a store…Sub Prime Credit Store…is how good credit is added and bad credit removed through services you choose and of course, like a coupon book it’s worth more to you than what you paid. It’s like being on a train…where one service directs you to another service which all help you get what you need…no matter what your decisions or habits have been in the past…help is within reach.

  • Did you know over 70% of credit reports have errors..maybe a credit repair specialist could fix that for you?
  • Once I paid on-star $13/month to provide me with peace-of-mind (roadside assistance)…There’s nearly 50% of your cost upfront…just for a perk of this one-stop
  • If you get really into the calendar recommendation then you’ll love Cloud Based Bookkeeping
  • If you were turned down for a mortgage because of a credit score…or if you were offered a really high interest rate because of your score…no worries, within 24 months you can build good credit and affiliates in the subprime credit score work to get your the lowest interest rate possible…

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Assisting Renters: Assisting All Of Your Needs

When it comes to home owning, or even renting a home, you can always run into some sort of issues. Most of the time you don’t even know how to handle it. So naturally you get stressed and freaked out, but that is the wrong thing to do in any situation. With the help of Assisting Renters, you don’t need to freak out any time you don’t know something. Their services are there to help you with whatever you need when it comes to home owning or home renting.

How Can Assisting Renters Help Me?Assisting-Renters-image- Assisting Renters

How can they help you? How can’t they help you! Let’s be honest here, most people don’t know too much when it comes to owning a home or the process of renting a home, and that’s totally okay! By using Assisting Renters, you instantly gain access to a large number of services and benefits, including things like:

  • Rent To Own Consultants
  • The Ultimate Rent To Own Home Program
  • The Complete Real Estate Site

As well as benefits such as:

  • Many Legal Resources
  • Home Design and Entertainment
  • Education Assistance

Just to name a few.

The Goal

It’s obvious that your goal is to be well versed and have knowledge on being a home owner so you always know what to do in certain situations, but it seems as though there’s a bigger goal out there waiting for you. Assisting Renters is there for you, because you don’t want to have to rent a home for the rest of your life, do you? The “American Dream” is to own your own home, so why not try and reach that goal of yours, by signing up for Assisting Renters!

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How Changes Everything

It’s no surprise that buying a home can be tough. But really, it’s only difficult if you choose to make it that way. There are tons of ways to go about buying a home, and going to is one of the best ways out there! This website takes all of the hassle, struggle, and complications of finding and purchasing a home, and turns it into ease.

Why We Should All Use RegisterToBuyAHome.comRegister to buy a home landing page

Well, to clarify, this is really why anyone who is looking for a home, or anyone who is interested in buying a home, should use this website. By signing up for this website you get full access to all of its services and information for free. You definitely heard us right, it’s free. Now once you get all of that set up and figured out it would be smart to invest in some sort of ID Theft Protection, or maybe some credit repair, so some money would have to go into that. As for this site, however, it is free! And what’s better then free? Pretty much nothing. has got it all, and that’s not a lie. The services are incredible, and it’s no surprise to why it would be given 5 stars by any review site. This site can help you with all needs towards buying a home, such as:

  • Real Specialists
  • Credit Specialists
  • Finding Accurate Listings
  • Approved Lenders
  • Everything will be done for you!

You’ve Got The Why, Now Here’s The How

It’s pretty simple really. There are no tricks, no secrets, and nothing to throw you in the wrong direction. All you have to do is go to the website, fill out a few lines of information (I’m not kidding I really mean a few), and then that’s it! Unlimited access to all of your home purchasing information. It’s quite a steal if you ask me.

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