More Home Sales Are Closing in #GrandRapidsMI and Here’s Why Think about: when #realestate  effe…

More Home Sales Are Closing in #GrandRapidsMI and Here’s Why

Think about: when #realestate  effectively closes, you're looking at SUCCESSFUL deals. No hassles. No hiccups. Only sales going through without a hitch.

That's great news for prospective home buyers (and home sellers) in Grand Rapids. But not something of interest to home FLIPPERS. And if you want numbers, here they are: 5,288 units closed sales in 2015; and only 4,820 units closed in 2014.

That's called a GAIN.

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Not that house flipping is necessarily a bad thing; after all, it’s a natural lucrative phenomenon in the real estate industry all over. Check out Midvale, Utah, for starters, with the real estate funding and cash loans to flip a home and make some profit while stimulating the market.

4 Top Retweets for Mortgage Industry Developments

The mortgage landscape changes almost on a daily basis, people! And you don’t always have a newspaper on hand, nor can you haul a television with you everywhere you go. What do you need? You just need a Twitter update to get the goods on mortgage industry developments — because, since you’re here on the RTO Consultants website looking for help in finding the right rent-to-own home, you’re obviously interested in what’s going on with the real estate market and industry.

But Why Twitter? How Can Twitter Provide the Inside Look at Mortgage Industry Developments for Today?

It just so happens that we have some relevant retweets on what’s been happening in the news for mortgage industry developments, and the keyword is this — retweet. That means the news are circulating the Twittersphere, and not just anybody’s passing the information on. The very best real estate professionals today are doing it. They’re tweeting, retweeting and “favoriting” literally every day. That should tell you something.

But don’t take our word for it; check out these retweets on mortgage industry developments right now:

And That’s Only the Start When It Comes to Social Media Excellence in Real Estate

Twitter’s chock full of information from all the key real estate players you can expect, so it makes sense especially if you’re in the market for an RTO home. Want to know what’s trending? You get on Twitter. Get on the entirety that is social media, in fact. You can do it on your tablet or phone while riding a train or sitting at the park, too.

Take advantage of the technology. Because one thing’s for sure — you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of finding the best deals, the best properties, and the best people to work with for an industry that requires the most collaboration. Social media does it best.

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Register to Buy a Home With THIS Site Right Now

One thing’s for sure: we have to keep up with the signs of the times, and here’s what those signs say: ACT NOW, ACT NOW, ACT NOW. You have to get the information you need now, what with the rising home prices in America, plus the new mortgage rules in effect, and the fact that the trends are showing that prospective home buyers are offering more down payments. United States real estate never looked better (right, China?).

So What Do You Do? You Register to Buy a Home. Immediately.Register to Buy a Home Screenshot

With this one site. Check it out right here. This can literally solve all of your issues in one fell swoop, and as you’re focused on a rent-to-own — and perhaps you’ve already secured one via the Ultimate Rent-to-Own Home Program — you’ll be looking to get everything squared away with credit repair, a lender, and the right mortgage loan well before you exercise your lease option to buy.

This is the site to get that all done. And there’s even a phone number to call, giving you that option to speak with a specialist immediately and get started today.

It’s Hard Work Getting That Home Loan, Plus Maximizing Your Chances of the Seller Accepting Your Offer

Yes, even some legal assistance would be necessary. But this, yet again, is yet another benefit you may have with the offer — you don’t have to do anything! Well, except register….

Register with your credit score (if you know it — if not, not a problem), and you’re all set. That’s it. And it’s no secret that we at Rent-to-Own Reviews award the offer a healthy five stars without a problem. Simple registration. Easy consultation. You know exactly what you need to get that home without having to waste so much time with other professionals and needless research.

Are you done reading? Good. We’re taking a cue from how easy it is to register to buy a home with this site, so you do the same. Enroll now. And those house keys will soon fall right into your hands.

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How to Make Sure Identity Theft Doesn’t Drain Your Bank Account




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Identity theft is rampant these days. Anyone with a computer and enough gall can accomplish it, regardless of their intellectual prowess, and so bank accounts are being ruptured – and drained – with alarming regularity, but it is preventable with such services as LifeLock or Identity Guard.

Be Aware of Identity Theft: From the Moment of Inquiry

The next time someone asks you for your phone number, full name, or financial information, stop and identity theft-1ask yourself why do they need to know this? Then, stop and ask the person inquiring – why do you need to know this?

Identity thieves ask for important information, knowing that more often than not they will get a thoughtless, automatic response. So be vigilant about who you hand that information out to, and you might save yourself a lot of trouble.

Keep an Eye On Your Snail Mail, Without a Doubt

One method of identity theft is to take mail directly out of a mailbox. Don’t make it easy for them. Always drop your mail off at the post office instead of leaving it in your mailbox, and when you go on vacation, make sure you have your mail held instead of letting it pile up for thieves to take.

Don’t leave bills lying around where anyone can see them, and keep your personal information, such as credit cards, stored away safely.

Best of All, Watch the Internet, Because the Internet Watches You!

Most identity theft occurs online. Be smart about online financial transactions. Install firewalls and make sure the sites you’re spending money on are secure sites. Use creative passwords – random sequences of letters and numbers work best – and don’t give your financial information to just anyone

It’s hard to stop a criminal once they set their mind to committing a crime. But you can make yourself less likely to be a victim, and safeguard your financial well-being, credit history, and identity by being vigilant with the ultimate identity protection. As a result, you end up making sure you’re the only one spending your money.

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HOPE Program Says You Can Get a Home Zero Down

HOPE Program Says You Can Get a Home Zero Down

Hard to believe? We understand. But one look at this one real estate industry secret, and you just might get a home zero down easier than you think.

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3 Wellness Solutions You Never Thought of in the Housing Industry

This may be no surprise to some involved in the real estate market, but there are now even more developments for this particular real…

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Divorced Couples Living Together: It Does Happen! (For Tax Reasons)

Think about the future here. Let go of the animosity (especially if you have kids!), because sometimes while the pain and tumult of divorce can be overwhelming, sometimes the money issues, especially with the house, can hurt even more! Something you honestly don’t want….

You Might Be Divorcing Your Spouse, But Try Not to Divorce Your Entire Life

Might be asking much, but when it comes to your taxes, you have an option here (as crazy as it may be). You can live in the home together. Promote stability. Be civil. Care. This also keeps all tax obligations amicable and mutual, neither side benefiting or hurting more than it should.
And here’s the bonus: you get more bonus tax advantages when you do eventually sell the home!
Also do keep in mind that just because you also own the home, doesn’t mean you always have to technically live there either. However, your mail will continue to arrive at that house. So make sure the ex-spouse realizes that and doesn’t shred the material every time he/she sees your name.

It’s the Simplest Way to Get Taxes Figured Out About the House

But it’s not for the faint of heart. Talk to a consultant with the Income Tax Planning Network about it some more and see if this may be an option for you. Check out this guide on taxes during a divorce as well for more possibilities. Because, remember: it’s just a house.