7 Steps To A Heavenly, Greener Home Space

What follows are the golden gates to the kingdom of your greener home.

Seriously, the littlest touches make a big difference when trying to spruce the place up for a showing…for yourself!

From Yard To Table, To The Toilet, To The Basement Pipes…Why Keep Habits That Cost You and Our Environment

The Lucky 7 List To Be A More Ethical Homeownergreener home

#1 Insulate your pipes

This will make your heating and gas bills go down. Less heat lost to the air around the pipe. Easy fix.

#2 Make your own cloth napkins and while you are at it…snack baggies. 

greener spaceJust an hour at your sewing machine and you could gain some skills. Take a rectangle of your favorite fabric, which totally could have been an old piece of clothing. Use an iron to fold each side in just a little. Fold it over again. Iron again. And now sew a straight line down each edge. That’s called a hem, and Wa-la napkins! Roll them or fold and stack them in a basket you keep handy by the table. Keep a laundry basket somewhere…maybe in step 3.

An old t-shirt doesn’t need to be hemmed because it won’t fray, so in a pinch…it’s better than paper towels. Easy to wash and return to the basket.

Snack baggies are just as easy to home-make… only you add an old plastic table cloth as a double layer. Oil cloth works as well, just don’t use the iron directly on easier slippery fabric. Once you hem all sides as with the table napkins then fold nearly in half, leaving a little flap; sew up the sides.

#3 Build a recycle centergreener home

Your kitchen is the first place to collect a lot of junk. It’s easy to just throw everything in the trash. It’s not the best for the environment. Sometimes the path of least resistance will lead to demise. You can still make it easy to recycle. Cool containers in your pantry or garage or somewhere handy…will really help. A bin for your dirty napkins, towels, snack baggies.

#4 Compost

greener homeThrough the recycling center you have eliminated a lot of your waste for the trash. How about a little more. There is nothing more frustrating in the spring season than paying for dirt – no matter how earth deprived you are. Why  not use your scraps from the kitchen and make your own. A pile under a piece of cardboard, that you shovel around sometimes is great…in a country setting, where the smell or sight bothers no one. If you have a smaller yard in an urban area composting isn’t advised, until a compost ball was invented. The big plastic sphere will roll around your yard – hands free. You just open the hatch and feed it the scraps.


#5 Create your own all-purpose cleanergreener home

Vinegar + baking soda = Magic. Also, toilet bowl cleaner. 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar. Let it sit for a few minutes, scrub. Some hot water added to this combination with some essential oil for smells is an ideal cleaner for a spray bottle. Use it liberally and safely all over your home. Bleach though is the best cleaner for the dirty, germ ridden kitchen sponge. Soak it in a bowl with a little water and a little bleach overnight. The food grime melts right off.

#6 Take advantage of the rain

Turning on the hose costs you. A rain barrel to catch water for the garden and even those house plants is an amazing way to save water and money long term. For low tech placement, put the barrel by different sections of the garden and tip it when the ground is dry again after a rain. For high tech and high yield, cut your drain pipe and let the roof water go in the barrel. Buy a pump with a hose connection and
Da-da! the gardener’s dream – water, cheap…even when it’s not raining.

#7 Set up a plant stand

greener homeHouse plants living inside is incredible for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Mentally because seeing green has a calming effect on a person. It’s biological. Physically because there is more oxygen in your environment – cleaner air for you. And spiritually because the act of caring for the plant…water pulled out of your rain barrel…and the occasional re-potting and or pruning…is a symbol for your growth. Remembering to care for the plant teaches you to remember to water yourself, with whatever feeds your soul.

Are you lacking your plot and structure for creating this greener home dream?

Need a canvas for your heaven to evolve? Do this – Don’t let bad credit stop you. We have just the programs that will get you well on the way to the up and up. The greener and more heavenly part is up to you.

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The Complete Real Estate Site – Eat It Like Candy In A Van

The Tip On How To Build Your Edge In A Relationship Market Is To Know Your Neighbor

Freudian Slip! Haha, In The Real Estate Market Know Your Neighbor, but absolutely a good point. The real estate market is about relationship. Buyer and Seller and Renters and Owners.

The Complete Real Estate Site Is News Useful To Everyone Involved

If the real estate head honchos are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, hedge-y, real estate animal…you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for oppressive language):real estate

“Good Job You Head Honchos, Invest That!”

“Being A Real Estate Mogul Is Hot Right Now”

Or “Giddy Up Over Here Cattle Like Renters”

And “Here’s Your Easy Tips To Colonize The Planet As Though You Are An Alien”

If the real estate inhabitants are reading only the part of the elephant dedicated to YOUR SIDE of the big fat, edgy piece of the pie, then you’d read things like this (challenge: watch for nice-nice):

“Decorate Your Walls To Look Nice”

“Budget Well”

“Rent-To-Own Homes For Everyone!”

Know your neighbor…Know Your Landlord, Know Your Bank? Know Your Elephant?

The elephant thing here is critical.

real estateThe Parable of The Blind Men And The Elephant Paraphrased

There were, for some odd or horribly tragic reason, there are three blind men walking through the jungle – which means a place with plant life and animals that no one owns….

And of course, the three blind men walk right up to an elephant, and try to take it (in?) with their hands…”Oh my goodness this animal is like a wall. It’s so big and tall. This animal is wall-like.””

And the next man who is blind, who was very PC, demonstrates BOTH/AND thinking so well and says,  “There is this rope thing on the wall-like…and there seems to be tear…” No actually, PC man who was blind says, “There’s no wall-like! It’s just a ROPE! And it flicks. It’s a twitchy-lil-thing! Not wall-like.”

And the third blind man says, “You silly heads, no, we are in a grove of trees and there is no animal.” 


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“Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness…”

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Pro and Cons of Owning Vs Renting

Breaking It Down: Owning Vs. Renting

Owning It:  Pro Et Contraowning vs. renting

There are some serious benefits to owning your own house. It’s natural to buy in the mode of instant gratification – and when I hear “own it” I think, “Mow it, shovel it, fixing the toilet, dealing with the flood, patching the holes, lost in the screw isle of the hardware store…and more shoveling.” Laziness about the extra work that comes with the deed being in your name is immense. But remember:

  • Tax Benefits – Deduct the interest you paid on your mortgage from your federal and state taxes. Work with the Income Tax Planning Network to maximize your benefits and therefore return…
  • Leveraged Appreciation – You put 3-20% down. Let’s say it was $5,000. Imagine the black hole of rent money, AND now you pay less than you would have for rent per month. That’s gone…off your principle mostly…Now age yourself 19 years and you sell. You are gaining everything on the money DOWN that you wouldn’t have paid if you rented, and now all that appreciation is yours…or your kid’s because you’d pay for a kid’s college. Spare them starting the race like an amputee? And you? Have your legs under you…Retired. Ready to roll? In an RV?
  • Equity – Your piggy bank IS a house, and the money within it imaginably ranges with the market like a barometer. Homes are well priced right NOW and interest rates won’t stay this low forever, so lock in that 4ish% soon.  
  • Predictability – Three words: Fixed. Rate. Mortgage. 
  • Freedom – The house is yours. Want to leave your wet towels on the floor? Go ahead. Want to put nails in improper places poorly? Go ahead. It’s yours. No landlord knocking unwanted on the door, ever. 
  • Savings – Rent is going up! Mortgage payments are often cheaper than paying rent! (Of course, because probably your land lord has a mortgage, pays it with your rent and then makes a profit to pay his/her own mortgage!) Mortgage Insurance, which you’ll need if you put less than 20% down…is cheaper right now. Down payments can be cheaper too. A credit score of 620 can get you 3% down with programs like this! 

Renting It: Pro Et Contra

  • No Other Choice – You don’t have much money and you have to live somewhere. You don’t own anywhere so by default – rent it is.
  • Flexibility – Living in a more fluid, adaptable world renting holds with the uncertainty of the rest of it. Staying with the same company for 30 years? Pf-ft. Getting married in your 20’s? Pf-ft. Settling down with kids? Later. Renting is the flexibility that matches the flexibility of today’s life cycle structure…
  • Repair Credit History – Rent payment history is a great way to repair your credit, check out this article here. And this one for the mysterious credit score debunked read this article…
  • owning vs. rentingSave for Down payment – By renting below your means. “The general guideline is that you can afford to spend about 25%-30% of your gross monthly pay for your rental costs. But if you were to only spend, say, 15-20% of your income on your rental, and rent something a little less costly, you could afford to put away hundreds of dollars a month toward your down payment.”
  • Risk Adverse – Its a spooky time to buy. You remember the 2008 housing collapse. You get that its a shaky recovery. You see the rising prices of all good that even with a 30 fixed rate mortgage you don’t buy in. You are ready to fly the coop not nest in.
  • Other places to Invest Money – Perhaps you see other, better returns on investments. If you are a savvy risk taker stocks or a less concrete investment is more appealing to you.

If you are on the side of renting or are still debating owning vs. renting – and you want any sort of help, or more resources available to you…

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What In The World Is Going On With Hedge Funds

Real estate investors are using hedge funds on short sales to buy up real estate.

Hedge Funds What?

First, what is a hedge fund. Here’s a helpful videobut if you prefer to skip the professor college-like lecture…keep reading.

Etymology: Hedging…to hedge your bets…off-set your risk…in hedge fund world the risk is less not because the bet was safe, but because its part of such a large portfolio…or hedges, the bush…hide something…
hedge funds

Hedger…an adventurous investor. Donald Trump is a classic example. One of the hedgers in his tower is in some deep boiling water. He faked his own death when investors want their money back. Here’s an article to check out. 

The Hedger can invest (other people’s money) in debt…a CDS…He can buy bonds…Japan is big with hedge funds right now…debt…Japan’s debt…stocks…from anywhere…a variety of investments…pretty much anything.

What are the rules? There’s just one. 65% of investors need to be accredited. What does that mean? They need to be rich.

So for illustration purposes, a hedger puts forth 45% of the amount and he asks for the rest from anyone wealthy.

That’s the only rule. Then hedger can make up their own rules about how to invest…Take a 4 million stake, with high minimum level of investment. Large amounts are easier to deal with…”I’ve invested 4 million and if you invest with me I’ll get you 20% back in a few years.” Candy…Van…people invest the other 10 million. He can take that to a big bank and get a loan for leverage, like 50 million.

New rule: you are locked in for a year, and you cannot get your money back. Once that’s up, you have limited redemption…infrequent redemption. 

Ok, brain seeped in the deep…here’s what you’d see in the news.  People with big dollars like Josh DeLong, looking at Grand Rapids…saying, “I like Grand Rapids, people are investing in Grand Rapids,” DeLong said. “I think Grand Rapids is going to be a huge hit.” Uh-Oh. 

Or, Ok. It depends on how you see it. Here’s an article from Grand Rapids Property Value, talking about their values in a healthy economy.

Hedge Funds In The World, Down Under?hedge funds

Hedge Funds have been scooping up property in Australia for awhile. Australia is known for having the largest housing bubble in the world.

Let’s say this first, “Banks on the continent are among the most profitable in the world, with a return on equity of 17.2% at Commonwealth Bank and 14.2% at Westpac. The average return on equity for all U.S. banks is 8.3%,” says an article on Fortune called “Hedge Funds Are Betting Against This Country’s Hugely Profitable Banks”. 

There’s some concern over a bubble collapse in Australia, not just because of hedge fund investments have scooped up so much…but because simultaneously banks are taking poor credit and lowering interest rates for low-income. Hey! Everyone needs a home.

If there’s default and foreclosure there’s the wolf in the hedges, waiting. It’s pretty appealing for hedge fund investors to buy off the banks in what’s called a short sale.


The bank is short changed…but has the cash right away, through an investor throwing around a lot of money…without any rules (hedge fund). If your house is mortgaged for 100,000, but the property value is 80,000 you are underwater by 20,000. If you foreclose a short sale would let you off the hook…”(Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives known as HAFA).[4] HAFA® provides homeowners the opportunity to exit their homes and be relieved of the remaining mortgage debt through a short sale.” says wiki.

The homes will still be there and the displaced can then turn around and rent…their home…from hedge fund investors with property managers? Yo hafa have a home…Please, some rapper, use that.

Ownership of Communities Becomes A Gray Area…Widowmaker Trade…

Widowmaker trade is a scary name going around for this kind of market. Here is an article about the hedge fund impact in Japan say, “These banks are powder kegs. The housing bubble is already toast in a number of smaller cities, particularly those tied to the mining bust. It’s starting to wobble in other areas. So hedge funds have redoubled their bets.” hedge funds

The climate is getting hotter because of Shinzo Abe, head of the Liberal Democratic party, as prime minister of Japan Mr. Rigg says, “Abe is defined by his desire for growth, and it’s quite obvious that he wants the Bank of Japan to be more aggressive…” Perhaps meaning, selling the countries massive debt to investors, hedge fund investors…

Redoubled bets…By buying Japan’s debt in a hedge fund, then purchasing property in Australia there’s a new way to understand globalization…and it can get confusing, but now you know something. 

If you are interested in investing click here…

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8 Zen, Simple Steps To Raise Your Credit Score

Have You Heard of the 8 Fold Path?


credit score

The word Zen has a lot to do with it! Zen is actually a school of thought…a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. You could benefit from meditation and valuing your intuitions when it comes to all the paperwork tasks…and the perseverance it requires.

Let’s connect the eastern Buddhist foundation with the foundational habits of a person with excellent credit, shall we?

This means right:

  • understanding
  • thought
  • speech
  • conduct
  • means to make a living
  • right mental attitude or effort
  • mindfulness
  • concentration

Here are 8 methods to walk the path that will lead to enlightened… credit? Lighter credit worries? Less Debt. Better Credit. Right credit? Right, credit.

Chanel some of those right settings into absorbing these next steps – use your understanding to think about how to conduct your self and speech in a way to make an ethical living, be hopeful about improving your credit, be patient in the steps you’ll take to do that…and concentrate.

  1. Watch those credit card balances.
    1. Transfer them to 0% interest cards – whenever possible. Then hit tip #5 really hard, but obeying tip #4.
    2. Use them – and pay them – like a charge card.
  2. Eliminate credit card balances.
    1. Pay them off.
    2. Reward yourself when you pay each bill with something not monetarily based.
      1. Rub your own feet with coconut oil
      2. Take a bath
      3. Do something productive without rushing
      4. Or disobey – buy sweets, eat sweets.
  3. Leave old debt on your report.
    1. That’s hopeful
      1. The past debt you have paid off is an excellent fact on a credit report! It makes you look more responsible…more so than someone who has never had debt..because you’ve proven you can pay it off.
  4. Use your calendar.
    1. At least use automatic payments.
    2. Or rather…use your calendar for everything
      1. Meal planning
      2. Play dates with friends
      3. Bills (Write the reward, though, for positive conditioning maximization)
      4. Birthdays
      5. Goals
      6. Moods
  5. Pay bills on time.
    1. Use your calendar
    2. Auto-mate your payments
  6. Don’t hint at risk.
    1. When speaking about your credit, past debt, payment history and especially, yourself…to stranger or mortgage lenders or credit specialists on the phone: speak with HOPE. 
      1. Speak with H.O.P.E. program (888) 920-4893.
        1. Or fill out this form and a representative will help you. 
  7. Don’t obsess.
    1. The goal here is to make your credit a non-issue…so you have access to the things we want ahead of when we can actually pay for them…because we need a car, a home, a phone before we can successfully have a job to pay for those things. To get a job we need education, internships, 13 years of some kind of schooling every year until graduation, and have you ever fed your moose a cookie? And he wanted a glass of milk?
    2. Use your GED, get a job, make money, pay bills, have fun.
  8. Sub Prime Credit Store Is Where To Hook Yourself Up – Get Things Automated, Paid Off, and Let Your Credit Worthiness Show In Your Score. 

What Is Sub Prime Credit Store And… How Can It Help A Credit Score?

$30/month is like paying for a coupon book…and a store…Sub Prime Credit Store…is how good credit is added and bad credit removed through services you choose and of course, like a coupon book it’s worth more to you than what you paid. It’s like being on a train…where one service directs you to another service which all help you get what you need…no matter what your decisions or habits have been in the past…help is within reach.

  • Did you know over 70% of credit reports have errors..maybe a credit repair specialist could fix that for you?
  • Once I paid on-star $13/month to provide me with peace-of-mind (roadside assistance)…There’s nearly 50% of your cost upfront…just for a perk of this one-stop
  • If you get really into the calendar recommendation then you’ll love Cloud Based Bookkeeping
  • If you were turned down for a mortgage because of a credit score…or if you were offered a really high interest rate because of your score…no worries, within 24 months you can build good credit and affiliates in the subprime credit score work to get your the lowest interest rate possible…

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The Credit Score Mystery Explained, Secrets Included

Credit Scores have everything do to with U.S. real estate –  to your lender.

Time to be a proactive reader…

Credit Score is usually referring a number between 300 and 850, A.K.A. a FICO score.

How responsible are you? Oh so super responsible you say? Let’s go ahead and get a second opinion…Let’s just pull a credit score…Not at all? 300. The maximum? 800.

Click Here For A Really Great Infographic To Explain The Mysteriousness- Credit Score Basics

The FICO breaks down into different types.classic or generic, bankcard, personal finance, mortgage, installment loan, auto loan, and NextGen score

  • classic
  • generic
  • bankcard
  • personal finance
  • mortgage
  • installment loan
  • auto loan
  • NextGen

When someone says, “I’m going to pull your credit score…” They choose one of those types. That credit check will file under “pursuit of new credit” which determines 10% of your score.

Credit Score Mystery Revealed…For Better FICO Scores: Reduce Debt, Leave Lines of Credit Open and Make Payments On Time

Need to boost your credit? Adding a few affordable monthly bills can bulk up your positive repayment history which determines 35% of your credit score.

Paying for services that AUTOMATICALLY come out of your account can be an easy, mindless way to boost your credit so you can land the big goals: car. house.

“Opening new accounts responsibly and paying them off on time will raise your credit score in the long term.” says myFICO.

Interested in building your credit score? Include some things you pay for on your account. Click below for the hook up.

Click here if you are interested in boosting your credit through repayment history: get Life Lock.  Life Lock has affiliates to connect you with that further help repair your credit, and other benefits for joining…like roadside assistance. 

One Way To Create Credit Is To Open A Credit Card, Spend and Pay…Or Get An Installment Loan

An installment loan is one you pay back over time, in installments. Easy one. A mortgage in the United States is a type of installment loan, but if you weren’t approved for the mortgage package you want, opening a smaller personal loan is a way to build the credit to get one, someday in the near future. Click here for a really great loan offer with Zippy Loans.

70% Of Credit Reports Have Errors

Credit Scores are not fail-proof entities. They are more like the Titanic. They are thought of and treated an “unsinkable”/undoubted…but mistakes happen. Sometimes you credit score will take a big hit and it was from someone with a similar name or account number. Humans still handle some of this information and human error is part of human nature.

Click this link for a FREE TRIAL with a reputable Credit Repair Agents. 

You Need A 700+ To Secure A Good Interest Rate

A Basic Confusion:

Credit Cards and Charge Cards or House of Cards…What’s the difference? Read more here…

Myth:credit score mystery

Having a balance on a credit card is what builds credit. No, actually the empty line of credit is better. 70% unused at least is recommended.

Keeping open every credit card you ever have seems bad…but it isn’t. Having credit cards for a long period of time increases the length of your credit history which determines 15% of your score. READ MORE HERE AND SIGN UP FOR ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR NAME, EMAIL AND U.S. PHONE NUMBER.


Thanks for proactively reading. Now proactively do something about your credit history with these tips and tricks so that you can have all your dreams…

Dream home in the US? Chase It Here…

The Real Smart Thing To Do With Your 401(k) Is To Invest In Real Estate

We let the younger, up and coming generation make mistakes and we watch, vigilantly, to point them out to them…to laugh at them…but really so we may learn from them. They think they are learning from us? Hah. No, elders learn (also) from the babes.

Millennials Are Doing 3 Things Wrong With Their 401k Investing…Poor Baby-Adults.

Check out this trickle from the top-down:

  1. NOT having one.  Read more here.
    • Many millennials are opting out of starting a 401(k). It’s easy to imagine how that’s possible. It’s called the try-it-out-20’s. If I’ll be at this job for an unknown, maybe shorter, amount of time I may not see the point of starting another retirement plan to deal with.
      • It’s like a couch you don’t want to carry home from a good garage sale when you know you’ll be moving…you know, some time.
        • That’s the reputation that millennials have in jobs: they don’t stay. Let’s argue that why should they? Finding a niche can take time, and it’s appropriate to give your career room to breathe.
          • It’s known that the silent generation, or traditionalists as the more flattering title, want a Legacy. This would coincide with a 401(k).
            • The baby boomers want a Stellar career, and work really hard, generally. Probably work even though they are collecting retirement. Perhaps they didn’t have or didn’t have a 401(k) soon enough…trends skip a generation.
              • Gen X want a portable career…with meaning, so they get globalization and want to be the bosses with their millennial minions.
                • And the Millennials prioritize jobs with meaning, but also this other thing: parallel careers. If only Millennials would put as much of that multitasking into investing…
  2. Not investing appropriately. Read more here.
    • A generation that is more liberal than all the others socially is more comfortable calling themselves conservative investors.
      • It’s like millennials trust cash more than a 401(k). 39% of those under age 30 chose cash as their preferred way to invest the money they don’t need for at least 10 years.
        • This generation is three times more likely to have cash instead of investing in stocks.
          • This love of cash will really freak out the 65% who DO have a 401k and notice that 80% of their account balance is in equities, says an ICI/EBRI report.
            • They might sell when they see the expected, natural yet extreme losses that can happen over the supposed long life of the investment. That brings us to point #3.
  3. Pulling money out of 401(k) Plans Prematurely. Read more here.
    • Fidelity discovered that 41% of 20 to 39 year-olds were cashing out their 401(k) after leaving their job.
      • This is the long-term equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. And isn’t recommended BECAUSE….

One Smart Thing To Do with Your 401(k) Is to Put The Money Into REAL ESTATE

Now – wait a second. You aren’t allowed to invest a 401(k) into assets. That’s right. So, turn your 401(k) into something else.

This guy, Larry Breen, sees the secret. Invest your 401(k) into Real Estate, IF you first change it to a self-directed IRA. Because your minimum distribution included real estate and rental income you can shave some off the top to put into assets, that also make money perhaps through renting and/or flipping…the profit rolls into your account, IT DOES NOT DIRECTLY GO TO YOU. It goes back into your account, and that why it’s called real estate investment, not real estate pay out.

The theory is you can turn a 50,000something investment into a 70,000something while ALSO pulling returns on that 20,000something…making yourself more and more money.401(k)

Normally You Cannot Use A 401(k) for buying property…of course because that would be a profitable option. Of course the thing that makes sense isn’t easy. But here is the secret.

You can roll it over into a IRA tax-free account and use the proceeds to invest in real estate, although you cannot actually manage your own property in that case. You’d need a property manager – less work for you.

RECAP / The Old Adage Is True: You Have To Have Money To Make Money

Most people have money…that they cannot touch…in a 401(k). Increase your 401(k) by turning it into a self-directed IRA, buy the property, hire a property manager (consider this an investment into your 401(k) even though it’s out of pocket), pull the extra income back into the account and you have treated yourself like your own employer putting 4 or something% into your account monthly…

This is how to be a old millionaire…or a start.

If you don’t get this at all…don’t worry…start here, click to learn: 401(k) For Dummy’s.  

Work Smarter Not Harder Click Here to Get Started

Real Spring Estate! More April Sellers May Bring More Buyers

April Showers…doot, do do do, do do doot. We do more in the spring…

Spring Cleaning! Tulips are up, and the yard has the color – packaging your house to sell! And you are ready to package to go bye-bye.

The winter freeze is off your mind, muscles and joints and it is time to MOVE! The problem is – everyone feels that same ease of circumstances in spring so the land FLOODS and the market FLOODS.

The spring rains fall on the buyer and the seller …

The Circumstances Couldn’t Be Better…

You have your tax-return set aside for down payment, inspection costs, moving vans… You’ll have homework management off your plate for a few months soon … the search, travel and carrying happens with ease in spring. You’ve done your homework: Click here. There’s even a breeze to lick away any sweat.spring

That’s good because you’ll be playing a sort of tug-of-war. Bidding wars.

Spring is NOT clearance season for house prices. You’ll pay pretty thousands more for pinch of ease. You’ll compete more for it, too. For help reaching that wider audience with your home listing click here. 

A house might sit on the market for two months during the winter, and after a price drop it goes.

In the spring, you’ll get an offer during a walk through the first day you’ve listed, or offers sight unseen even.

There’s a twitterpation about the whole process in Spring. With a 60-90 day close, and a sweet spot of summer (somebody’s) break…there’s a deadline. Jumping on the market early in
February has you moving during the most exhausted part of the school year…but it got you the house you wanted. Wait to long and you get beat up in the process. Find a gem; sold but still listed, out bid and even in the spring sunshine pessimism sets in and…When gem after gem gets snatched, your specifications for what a gem IS get less and less strict.

Settling Happens In The Spring Real Estate Flood

Procrastinating… has you moving at the stressful, penny pinching start of the school year, sweating bullets while you load trucks…at least it wasn’t moving in the winter though.

Ask a person who has moved in the winter. The house was good, but wow! Spring buds make it feel even homier – defying expectation and bringing greater happiness. The chilly move has extra appreciation for that shelter. Lots of people were willing to help you move, because they had nothing else to be doing – but hibernating. The house warming party was literal – didn’t need to worry about the home cooling system…It’s spring now, and they may have found their rose colored glasses in that move.

There are perks hidden under all the snow.

Spring Is Still The Hotbed of The Market

Americans are notorious for paying a bit more for convenience…that’s not likely to change. Poor circumstances align with better home prices, and excellent circumstances has a frantic pace with higher prices.

Letting home twitterpation happen to you – won’t be lonely. The great housing shuffle! Real Sprung Estate!

Click here to alleviate some of your frantic feelings and create your own ease of circumstance, no matter the weather…

“Normal” Is Apparently Coming Back in Today’s Real Estate Market

What does a normal real estate trend look like? What does normal even mean these days?

Normal is the average, typical state or condition, the usual the expected. Hate to point out the tension in the room but…. Just a guess but if something feels one way for 15 years, that becomes the ‘new’ normal, but in systems with years of being – their typical state or condition has a much greater scope than even our lives, like the earth, like the economy.

For 15 Years The Real Estate Market Has Experienced Truly Abnormal Trends

In an article in Market Watch by Daniel Goldstein, personal finance reporter, there is some ho-hum news.

  • Home prices are predicted to rise by 3% nationally in 2016, compared to the 6% nationally in 2015.
  • Rent prices are expected to rise in 2015. Which will encourage people to buy, although it’s hard to save for a down payment if your rent just went up.
  • 1% increase Mortgage interest rates – expected to be 4.88% compared to the 3.86% at the end of 2015.
  • 15% of mortgages are underwater, that’s 7.9 million people, which is better than the 31% in 2012.
  • As more people stay in their homes more money is expected to be spent on home improvements this year.
  • New types of mortgage products. Maybe some that do not require as much down payment, or a steady, track-able income. Self employment has been a barrier to getting a home mortgage. Another change to restrictions would be to count boarders or renters for multi-generational home, or houses with roommates.

Ho-hum is what a normal market or a real state market or a sock market does. Inflation slowly raises prices and other things, like home investment, becomes less appealing and the market will correct its course with proper stabilization from the Federal Reserve System, banks themselves, wages employers pay, etc….real estate market

The economy is like an organism. It lives and changes, grows and reinvents itself with the demands of growing, earning and living people. The earth itself is an organism that shifts dirt and water over its surface and burns from the inside, and the layers of atmosphere that coordinate to the organisms living needs, as well as affecting consequences of organisms actions against the well-being of the earth.

The economy is going to live and we are limping a little and tired from hustling after that last housing bust. And we are thinking about what our desires do to the market and what that can do the earth. Millennials are getting ready to buy because the Eco-friendly, minimalist yet materialistic homes are working up from the dream – to the manufacturing phase.

The switch to more normal conditions is simple. There has been a shift from containing the risk to growing the market. Perhaps a shift to optimism, versus pessimism? It couldn’t hurt.

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